Place 2023: Powerful Insights From Payment Data

How we pay for things is a key link in the digital marketing and attribution chain. This factor gains even greater weight amidst all the privacy reform, such as the death of the third-party cookie and other measures. How does MasterCard view its role and its opportunity in this environment?

Key Takeaways
  • Mastercard currently issues 2.7 billion global cards and facilitates 90 billion purchases per year.
  • Mastercard’s biggest goal now is to go beyond the transaction. Its professional services arm is built around cultivating value out of all its transactional data. This helps brands and merchants with their marketing and operations.
  • Beyond things like marketing and ad targeting, Mastercard’s breadth of data can be used for intelligent predictive marketing analytics. This goes down to the store level… there’s nothing more hyperlocal than the point of sale.
  • For example, Mastercard usually knows before Google does that a location has gone out of business, or other meaningful events.
  • One red flag in all the above is privacy. For that reason, it’s a primary concern for Mastercard. Its business doesn’t work without the trust of its cardholders. It accomplishes this through large investments in protecting data. “Privacy and data integrity is the number one task across our team,” said Greenstein.

Powerful Insights From Payment Data: Unlocking the Secrets for Brands

Understanding how payments are made, both in the physical world and online, can provide valuable insights into customers’ true intentions. By utilizing aggregated and anonymized payment data, brands can gain valuable perspectives that can be utilized to enhance our content creation, store planning, and advertising strategies.


Elina Greenstein, Mastercard

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