SMB-SaaS Player vcita Offers Product-Dev Path for Partners

SMB-SaaS player vcita has released a new suite of services called inTandem Complete on its recently launched inTandem partner-facing platform. Complete allows parties to take their own SaaS solutions to market by building them using vcita’s technology.

So how does this work? 

What this appears to be is a platform that a bank, telco, MSP, agency, or any of the corporate entities using the platform can use to build and launch a SaaS product, “from setup and strategy to client-facing interactions.”

Here is how vcita founder and CEO Itzik Levy explains it.

“inTandem Complete enables organizations to capitalize on vcita’s vast experience of taking business management solutions for SMBs to market. [It targets] organizations that are interested in expanding their SMB proposition. But [are] concerned about the risks of dedicating teams to this venture, or not being experienced in the SaaS business,” Levy explains. 

vcita Reports Substantial SMB Agency Turnover

“This offering enables partners to offload the burden of managing an online SaaS proposition. And [it] allows them to focus on their existing business, while the experienced vcita team launches and manages the solution on their behalf. Partners can attract clients with the value that a SaaS platform provides without having to worry about hiring or training personnel to manage the operation. Or taking on the risks of entering uncharted territory.”

Staying Ahead of the Curve

This strikes us as a smart staying-ahead-of-the-curve move by vcita. We are in an era of AI-accelerated product development and embedded everything. So offering SMB-facing organizations a way to launch new branded products quickly and in a non-resource-intensive manner could find legs. 

It also appears to be designed to evolve inTandem, which vcita launched in July, into a robust platform with a wide range of utilities. It can be a white-label solution that enables SMB-facing entities to offer an all-in-one solution for their customers. And it can also be a kind of dev service that they can use to create their own products. Just without investing in a team of engineers.

Vcita’s view is that SMBs will not cobble together a collection of point solutions that offer everything they need. Levy articulated this view in a recent episode of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast. 

Ep. 39 Dives into SMB SaaS with vcita CEO Itzik Levy

The vcita platform currently includes the essential suite of SMB SaaS tools. These include marketing and lead generation, booking (vcita’s original mission), payments, CRM, marketing tools, and more. The company is currently working on an AI co-pilot (it uses the term advisor) solution called BizAI.

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