Place 2023: Measuring the Digital Divide

It’s time to show rather than tell. To wrap up a full day of insights from the Place 2023 stage, we dive into case studies. How are “phygital” strategies playing out today? Adomi and Reveal Mobile walk us through it, with a focus on digital out-of-home advertising.

Key Takeaways
  • Digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens can create inventory and engagement in untapped places – from EV charging stations to flat screens all around your gym.
  • Moreover, digital screens have gained ample capabilities over the past decade, in terms of targeting and post-impression attribution.
  • This is initially counterintuitive to marketers as DOOH is generally considered upper-funnel media. But it can have lower-funnel efficacy as well.
  • How are those lower-funnel actions measured? There are several methodologies including tracking the deltas between control and exposed groups before and after a given campaign.
  • There can also be location-relevant signals, such as a sales lift that is seen in proximity to exposed audiences.
  • Lastly, in-app actions can also be tracked, such as calls to action in a given DOOH campaign that incentivizes users to engage in some way with an app.
  • Applying some of these methods, Fanduel saw a 463 percent lift in app downloads, a 96 percent lift in registrations, and a 105 percent lift in first purchases.
  • HP meanwhile saw a 93 percent jump in website visits from its localized DOOH campaign.
  • DOOH can also drive tangible foot traffic: Cenidee achieved a 146 percent lift in in-store visits from its campaign.

Measuring the Digital Divide: ROI Online and Offline

Explore real-life examples showcasing the powerful influence of digital advertising in the physical world through compelling case studies.


Adrien Sossa, Adomni
Jonathan Frangakis, Reveal Mobile

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