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Place 2023: Search Redefined

Microsoft was one of the first players out of the gate in the current wave of generative and conversational AI. This includes flavors of both

Place 2023: AI Impacting Hyperlocal Marketing

AI continues to find new areas of applicability. One fitting integration still in early stages is AI which assists and automates marketing for local businesses.

Place 2023: Fireside Chat with iHeartMedia

When examining localized marketing options, events are rarely mentioned. But they can be a powerful vessel for brand messaging, whether national brands or local SMBs.

Place 2023: Generative AI Building Blocks

Every conference in the local search and commerce worlds in recent history has featured sessions on location data, listings, and SEO strategies. But that’s not

Google Maps Ups the Ante, Again

Online mapping continues to see a barrage of new feature updates. The latest in this feature arms race comes to us from Google. It announced a wide range of functional upgrades across the board. We examine the list.

Google Pretties Up its Immersive Ad Ambitions

Google has taken immersive shopping to the next step. Its new AR Beauty ads simulate what lipstick, eyeshadow, and foundation shades look like on users’ faces before they buy.

Where Do SMBs Buy SaaS?

Benchmark Bytes is a series that examines Localogy’s original data on SMB tech deployment. Based on its recent Small Business Trends report, each installment drills down on a data excerpt and draws out meaning for Localogy Insider readers.

Hibu Adds Amazon to the SMB Marketing Mix

Hibu Adds Amazon to the SMB Marketing Mix

Hibu has announced that it will add Amazon ads to its SMB-focused digital marketing bundle. The partnership specifically involves Amazon’s Sponsored Display ads, which are targeted to high-intent and contextually-relevant Amazon shoppers.

Yelp Expands Neural Networks Across the Board

Yelp has announced expanded use of neural networks for a variety of core features across the site. Those include search results, ad matching, Yelp Waitlist and photo classification. We examine drivers & dynamics.

Klarna Joins the Visual-Search Competitive Mix

Klarna is now part of the gradually thickening visual search competitive field. This has implications for Klarna and its business evolution, as well as the visual search subsector. We examine drivers & dynamics.

Block Blitzes AI Across its Product Suite

The glacial collision of AI and local commerce continues. The latest comes from Block. The ever-expanding financial services player this week announced a barrage of new generative AI capabilities that span its suite.

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