Place 2023: Unique New Approaches to Contextual Advertising

The era of one-to-one marketing is over says Place program chair Dan Hight. In the age of privacy reform, the game has changed and so have marketing strategies. Vericast is at the center of that storm, developing data strategies that align with the current environment. How will it navigate all that change?

Key Takeaways
  • Vericast is one of the biggest background data players that you’ve never heard of. Formerly Valassis, the company helps companies manage customer data for marketing and other purposes.
  • Given all the privacy reform today, the consumer universe will be split between “knowns” and “unknowns,” says Fischmann.
    • “Knowns” will be those who have offered full consent for first-party data. This is a small subset of a given brand or network’s loyal users.
    • “Unknowns” will be a much bigger segment. For those customers, Vericast’s job is to convert their customer files to be fully consented. The alternative is to rely on other methods, such as contextual advertising.
  • Contextual advertising in fact has become a go-to privacy-safe targeting methodology in the privacy age, something that Fischmann sees as a step forward, not a step back.
  • Contextual takes the advertising world back to the art of targeting the content, rather than the user, which can be effective in segmenting audiences and interest groups.
  • This can be developed in nuanced ways: Rather than just sporting apparel ads on ESPN, complementary products and customer groups can be targeted (think: health & wellness ads on ESPN).

Unique New Approaches to Contextual Advertising

Join us for an engaging fireside conversation with Vericast as we delve into the realm of contextual advertising in a world where privacy is paramount. Explore how we can seamlessly bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.


Hans Fischmann, Vericast

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