Place 2023: Indoor Screens and the Customer Journey

In the age of privacy reform, marketers continue to find opportunities in alternate media channels. Near the top of that list are retail media networks and digital signage. These create ad inventory and customer engagement opportunities in places that were previously untapped. What’s the current state of the art and trajectory?

Key Takeaways
  • Digital signage continues to be an emerging and opportune marketing medium.
  • This includes everything from dentists’ offices to gyms to movie theaters to retail outlets.
  • These each hold various advantages. For example, dentist offices have the potential for long dwell times and lasting impressions, while retail locations offer POS proximity.
  • This is driven by several macro factors
    • Often, the targeting methods with digital signage are contextually relevant (read: privacy friendly) for a given store, its products, and its broad customer personas.
    • It’s also relevant and opportune given its proximity to the point of sale. Customers who encounter digital signage in retail locations are at the last mile in the customer journey.
    • These factors align with all the tenets of the growing retail media sector.
  • “Digital signage is an extension of the online screen – your laptop, phone, etc.,” says Cunningham. “The science is to make that screen relevant to in-store shoppers when they’ve come in to buy something.”

Beyond Retail: Indoor Screens and the Customer Journey

In-store screens have a wide range of applications that extend beyond retailers. They have the potential to benefit the service industry, restaurant industry, and hospitality. Let’s delve into the diverse use cases that go beyond traditional retailers.


Chris Cunningham, Spectrio
Karim Kanji, Broadsign

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