Place 2023: How to Map the Blur of Physical and Digital

For a mature technology, mapping continues to demonstrate early-stage-like innovation cycles and feature rollouts. This is partly due to the healthy competition between Apple and Google for mapping market share. What’s driving these innovations? We get Google’s take.

Key Takeaways
  • Like its leading search market share, Google likewise leads in mapping usage.
  • Google Maps has an edge in its early mover advantage (prior to Apple Maps launch), as well as its adjacency to Google’s search dominance.
  • Besides those market-based advantages, Google has some technology-based differentiators.
  • These include unique Google data that are cross-pollinated with mapping.
  • For example, Street View imagery is used as a visual recognition database for Google’s Live View 3D mapping feature.
  • Similarly, its place data is infused in mapping to give granular results on not only location/routing but business details.
  • Those business details are increasingly valuable in the age of AI, when conversational natural-language searches demand atomized business attributes (vegan options, dog-friendly, outdoor dining, etc.).
  • Those user behaviors are only getting started, as we move from a keyword-based world to more of a natural language one… user expectations will evolve as conversational AI conditions them.
  • Not only is Google checking these boxes with rapid-fire feature rollouts, but there’s still ample headroom for innovation and advancement, particularly as AI continues to evolve rapidly.

How to Map the Blur of Physical and Digital

This session with Google will explore cutting-edge innovations, from immersive heads-up overlays to advanced indoor mapping and seamless navigation solutions. Let’s unravel the complexities of the modern world and address logistical challenges with Mohit’s expertise and insights.


Mohit Moondra, Google

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