Place 2023: AI Impacting Hyperlocal Marketing

AI continues to find new areas of applicability. One fitting integration still in early stages is AI which assists and automates marketing for local businesses. This addresses real pain points in everything from SEO to writing website copy.  Brandmuscle unpacks best practices.

Key Takeaways
  • In a survey conducted by Brandmuscle, marketing was shown as the most important factor to local businesses… however, they only spend an average of 19 hours per month on it.
  • This disparity is often because of capability: most local businesses aren’t trained marketers but rather chefs, roofers, and dentists.
  • But the importance in gaining a marketing edge bears out in the numbers: marketing-savvy businesses experience 44 percent more revenue growth than their unsavvy counterparts.
  • The answer to this dilemma is AI, in that it can empower non-savvy local businesses and save them time by automating marketing functions.
  • This concept works on a few levels including marketing task execution as well as better performance tracking.
  • When it comes to task execution, a few examples of AI-fueled work include writing marketing copy for website pages, email marketing campaigns, and SEO tasks like page meta descriptions.
  • Image generation is also a promising area, given local businesses’ need for business-specific imagery for all the above marketing formats.
  • Lastly, AI can be a sort of marketing co-pilot, speaking up when it sees opportunities for local businesses to shift or optimize their marketing strategies (e.g., timing of an email marketing campaign).
  • All these directions will continue to rapidly evolve, and we’re still in early innings.

AI Impacting Hyperlocal Marketing

With myriad possibilities that AI opens up for enhancing customer relationships and driving marketing success,  we should be embracing AI technologies in hyperlocal marketing efforts. Explore the true potential of AI in hyperlocal marketing and how it can be harnessed to foster more meaningful connections with consumers and achieve marketing objectives more efficiently.


Sarah Hennessy, BrandMuscle
James Morse, BrandMuscle

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