Ep. 36 Follows the Rise of Down Rounds & TikTok Search Ads

“Google is not the only place where search is happening.”

In episode 36 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast, regular co-hosts Mike Boland and Charles Laughlin banter about two issues that were on their collective minds over the past week.

First, Mike talks about a potential new threat to Google’s search advertising dominance. And that is TikTok’s moves into search marketing via its new and rather strangely named Search Ads Toggle.

Then Charlie raises another topic likely to impact many in the Localogy-verse. And that is, are down rounds becoming normal? And could they be a harbinger of the end of the VC winter? This thread was promoted by the fintech Ramp recently raising an impressive $300 million funding round, but at a significantly reduced valuation.

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