Ep. 38 Ponders AI’s Al Dente Test and Tech’s Regulatory ‘Welcome’

“In its early stages, it’s just being thrown against several walls to see if it sticks.

Episode 38 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast examines two top-of-mind topics with senior analysts Mike Boland and Charles Laughlin. Of course, one topic addresses AI. And the other involves regulation.

Mike begins with a new twist on a familiar topic. He asks which uses of AI are truly good applications. And which are really just AI solutions in search of problems? In the episode, Mike offers examples of both. And he points out that we are now in the throwing spaghetti-against-the-wall phase of AI. All of this spaghetti tossing is in the hope that some applications will stick. 

Charles then raised a topic that touches on AI but was actually inspired by a development he observed in the payments space. And that question is, When tech execs say they welcome regulation, do they really mean it? Charles thinks it is mostly a PR exercise. Mike takes a more nuanced view.

And please be sure to listen to the full episode to catch the hosts sharing their choices for “Who Won the Week”. This week’s WWTW topics range from advances in personal technology to what is the best job in professional sports.

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