Ep. 39 Dives into SMB SaaS with vcita CEO Itzik Levy

“I am very bullish on all-in-one…people want to use different solution for different needs. They need integration and they are unable to do it by themselves.

In Episode 39 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast. Co-host Charles Laughlin interviews SMB SaaS founder Itzik Levy about what it takes to create SaaS tools for SMBs in today’s environment.

Levy is the founder and CEO of vcita, which provides an all-in-one business management solution for more than 100,000 small businesses across 65 countries. The company does this via relationships with partners that range from banks to digital marketing agencies.

Itzik falls firmly on the side of all-in-one solutions for SMBs vs. a collection of unintegrated point solutions. This has been a long-running debate in the small business software industry. Itzik points out that vcita was not founded as an all-in-one app. The company began as an online scheduling solution and gradually grew into an all-in-one app, Levy says, as the result of listening to its customers. 

Tune in for an engaging conversation with a veteran SaaS founder. Itzik has plenty of advice on how to service the SMB market with software. In particular, Itzik offers tips on driving software adoption and engagement among SMBs. Getting SMBs to actually use the software they buy has been a longstanding challenge in the small business software industry.

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