Ep. 40 Looks at Retail Walkouts + Making HVAC Great Again

“What Amazon really wants to do here…is what we are calling retail as a service.”

On Episode 40 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast, senior analysts Charles Laughlin and Mike Boland explore two rather divergent topics, retail tech and local home services.

Mike starts the show off with an update on a topic he has been covering for a long time. Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, and more broadly Amazon’s retail tech strategy. Just Walk Out makes it possible to fill a basket in a store, and just walk out with the goods (and pay for them electronically). The analysts kick around why this hasn’t revolutionized retail. At least not yet.

Charles then shares details of a story he covered involving a private equity group rolling up local home services companies. This offers a viable exit opportunity for local service pros nearing retirement age. It also presents a healthy exit opportunity for investors once the rollup achieves sufficient scale.

Please be sure to listen to the full episode to catch the hosts sharing their choices for “Who Won the Week”. This week’s WWTW entries touch on some big tech milestones.

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