Ep. 41 Examines the AI Arms Race and Dumb Diversification

“If you squinted your eyes you would think this was an AI event and not a Pixel 8 event.”

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On Episode 41 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast, hosts Charles Laughlin and Mike Boland explore two top-of-mind topics. These included Google’s recent AI-heavy effort to rollout of its new Pixel 8 phone. And some interesting diversification moves in the payments space.

Mike kicks the episode off with a look at the recent “Made by Google” event. This event was ostensibly designed to roll out the new Pixel 8 phone. But according to Mike, it felt a lot more like an AI product launch. The analysts discuss whether the rollout was designed more with competition from Apple or Microsoft in mind.

Charles then raised a different topic. How can an increasingly commoditized buy now pay later industry find revenue diversification? Some candidates include rolling out subscription products and retail media networks.

Listen to the full episode to hear the hosts’ roll out their choices for “Who Won the Week”. This week’s entries touch on both the digital and physical worlds. 

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