Ep. 42 Explores SMB Verification and Crowdfunding for Startups

“Crowdfunding is really more of a…’I’ve got a great cookie for dogs’ kind of thing.”

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In Episode 42 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast, senior analysts Charles Laughlin and Mike Boland sound off on two topics (verification and crowdfunding) that ostensibly protect the little guy.

So Mike kicks things off by discussing how tech platforms Meta and Airbnb are applying user verification to small businesses. And of course, the analysts ask the important question. Must verification checkmarks always be blue?

Then Charles asks out loud if crowdfunding will become a resource for tech companies running out of runway during the long VC winter. Or will it always just remain a good way to fund a dog cookie business?

And always remember to listen to the very end to catch the hosts’ bids for “Who Won the Week”. Maybe they will mention you or your company.

  • Paid verification for SMBs on Meta 0:23
  • Airbnb uses verification as fraud protection 4:36
  • AI impersonation protection and verification fees 6:11
  • Fundraising challenges in the tech industry 12:58
  • Crowdfunding and investment thresholds 17:16
  • Who Won the Week 23:37

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