E46: Analysts Offer Highlights of Place 2023

“This is not your dad’s contextual advertising.”

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In Episode 46 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast, senior analyst Mike Boland is joined by guest co-host Dan Hight to share their key takeaways from Localogy’s  Place 2023 conference in New York on November 7th, which the two hosts co-moderated.

The event covered the local intersection of the physical and the digital. The two hosts highlighted the lessons they took away from speakers from companies including Google, Yext, Foursquare, BrandMuscle, and many others. 

Some of the issues the analyst keyed in on were the new normal in local advertising now that 3rd party cookies restrictions are in place. And of course, how AI is changing everything.

Time Stamps

The intersection of digital and physical worlds. 0:10

Not your dad’s contextual advertising.  0:54

The explosion of retail media networks. 3:27

AI in marketing, including automation and personalization. 8:51

AI, data privacy, and the upcoming L24 conference. 16:32

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