Ep. 32 Asks Will Apple GPT Kill Siri & Does “X” Mark the Super App?

“If you can pull off a super app, you have a few things. You have scale. You have stickiness. And you have sustainability. The three S’s.”

In Episode 32 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast, our hosts explore the three S’s of super apps (alliteration courtesy of co-host Mike Boland) in the wake of Twitter’s sudden yet not entirely unexpected rebranding as “X”.

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But first, the hosts debate whether Apple’s conversational AI project Apple GPT (working title) signals the demise of Siri.

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And please stick around for our “Who Won the Week” segment that rounds out each episode of This Week in Local. You never know. The hosts might mention your company. They may even talk about you.

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In this episode, Mike also references his recent take on the Apple Vision Pro rollout, which you can read here.

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