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Advertising Specifications

The Local Search Association Advertising Specifications Manual contains an individual file for each member and non-member publishing company reflecting their graphic requirements. The graphic requirements shown reflect everything from Trademarks, Borders, Screens, Space Listings, Space Precedence, Coupons, Extra Lines, Electronic Graphic Requirements, Branded Tab, Internet and Promotional Specs.

The entire manual will be updated on an as needed basis. 

If you have any questions regarding the content, please contact Barb Parrott / (248) 244-0732.

Select the bookmark icon after downloading the Ad Spec Manual PDF file to select the Publisher’s data you wish to view.

Billing List

This publication provides the proper address to send invoices or payments for national orders. The Billing List is updated on a monthly basis and appears only on our Web site. Please refer to the Media Publisher or Agency/CMR Contact Lists to contact a billing individual. Look for the latest version on the 15th of each month. Send corrections for this publication to Barb Parrott / (248) 244-0732.

Contact Lists

The Media Publisher and Agency/CMR Contact Lists each contain information for key personnel, usually in the operations area. Also, included is a list of code numbers arranged numerically and alphabetically by company name. There is also a section which lists company names by state. The Contact Lists will be updated and published on a monthly basis and will appear on our website.  Send corrections to Barb Parrott / (248) 244-0732.

Note: Large PDF files may take a long time to open, depending on the speed of your internet connection. If you are having trouble opening a PDF file, try saving the file to the hard drive on your computer and opening it from there. It will open and print much more quickly.

The Local Search Association also produces an International Contact List which contains key contact information for directory publishers worldwide. Please submit your changes for the International Contact List to Barb Parrott / (248) 244-0732.

Directory Code Request Form

The Directory Code Number Request Form is now available as an online form which will expedite the assignment of directory code numbers. This form should be used when you are creating a new directory or splitting an existing directory and require a new code number. Once the new number has been assigned, the Local Search Association will either fax or email the directory code number to your attention. If time is critical, call Barb Parrott / 248.244.0732 to further expedite the process.

Directory Code Number Online Request Form

Order Processing and Procedures Manual

Order Processing and Procedures Manual is an in-depth reference manual that provides all information necessary to process national Yellow Pages advertising for the Publisher and Certified Marketing Representative (CMR) communities. This site provides the most current version for each section of the manual. A printed manual is also available for purchase for members and non-members. Pricing for the printed Order Processing and Procedures Manual can be found in the Products & Services Catalog. For any questions relative to Order Processing procedures, contact Ed Halasz / 248.244.6201.

Please note, when viewing the PDFs, click on the bookmark icon on the upper left-hand side of Adobe Reader to expand a list of bookmarks. If you have difficulties in viewing the document, please make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe Reader software. Software can be downloaded by going to Please double-side this document when printing.

Order Processing and Procedures Manual

White Pages Information Manual

The Local Search Association White Pages Information Manual contains procedures to follow when making white pages listing requests and provides addresses for mailing WP-3235 forms to establish White Pages Listings. The entire manual will be updated on an as needed basis. 

If you have any questions regarding the content, please contact Barb Parrott / (248) 244-0732.

Download the new WP-3235 form by clicking below:

Note: White Pages Listing Request form (WP-3225) has been revised, improved and renamed to include many of the user community suggestions. The new WP-3235 is now a three-page form with a separate page for information, inserts and deletes.

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