Ep. 37 Tosses a Giant Rock in Google’s Placid Pond

“It is wonderfully interesting. And far from breaking SEO…it has actually made it more fun.”

In Episode 37 of the This Week in Local podcast, guest co-host Jason Barnard, a brand search marketer and CEO of brand search marketing firm Kalicube) and Localogy’s Charles Laughlin explores AI search and the future of work.

Jason begins the show with a musing on how generative AI is being applied to search, for brand marketers in particular. He believes it is compelling brand SEOs and other search professionals to pivot from being digital marketers to straight-up marketers. Jason also has a lot to say about the progress Bing has made in the AI-search era.

Charles shifts gears and shares a mini-rant on the ham-handedness of recent back-to-office efforts. He focuses on Meta’s recent commandment that workers head back to their cubicles three days a week. This is happening despite Mark Zuckerberg’s past statements in support of remote work.

Zuckerberg is not alone in reversing course on remote work. A growing number of billionaire CEOs are also having second thoughts.

Please be sure to listen to the full episode to catch the hosts sharing their choices for “Who Won the Week”. This week’s WWTW entries straddle both the real and virtual worlds. 

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