Are Freelancers the Long Tail Channel of the Future?


Are Freelancers the Long Tail Channel of the Future?

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COVID has accelerated the long-term worldwide trend toward freelancing versus full-time employment. How can digital platforms marshall this global army to sell more software to SMBs? New research from Localogy and Mono Solutions conducted among European freelancer workers shows the freelancer channel remains underdeveloped. Only 16% of European freelancers work with media resellers; and younger tech-savvy freelancers represent a promising hiring opportunity.



Date: April 2021

Length: 22 Pages

Composition: Charts and analysis


• Frelancers by age and tenure
• Reasons for freelancing by age
• Freelancers meeting goals and percent that would take attractive job if offered (by age)
• Heatmap on how freelancers get new leads
• Heatmap on percentage of freelancers that DIY business content (by age)
• Types of software freelancers recommend to clients
• Reason why freelancers do not sell software
• Types of software freelancers sell to clients
• Satisfaction with reseller programs
• What freelancers need to sell more software to clients