SMB SaaS Use and Purchase Trends, October 2020


SMB SaaS Use and Purchase Trends, October 2020

This report gives an update on SMB operational dynamics, including sentiments on post-Covid recovery and optimism. This report is built from the third set of responses from the 2020 Modern Commerce Monitor online survey, exploring continued SMB tech adoption and expectations. For example, in 2020 Nearly 60% of SMBs were operating at reduced capacity; and half furloughed or laid off employees. This and other Covid-era impact is covered.

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Date: May 2020

Length: 26 Pages

Composition: charts and analysis (responses and trends from March-April 2020)

Charts included:

Technology adoption trends: U.S. current and future adoption rates, areas, churn, satisfaction, types of services used

Online service and tools: time spent, benefits, use

Purchase trends: how and when SMBs purchase, pricing, freemiums, purchase experience, channels used to purchase, preferred providers, and number of providers

Additional tech trends: business owner retirement, cryptocurrency usage, ecommerce, GMB (Google My Business) use and performance, scheduling and appointment tools, types of services used