Ep. 31 Reveals How Google, Shopify Are Making Calendars Great Again

In Episode 31 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast, our hosts examine the evolution of the boring old online calendar thanks to recent innovations from Shopify and Google.

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First, host and Localogy Senior Analyst Mike Boland lays out recent changes Google has made to its calendar to make it more transactional (great for SMBs), more automated, and more location sensitive. As Mike notes, the calendar is not likely to lead off product demos at developer conferences. Still, perhaps some attention was overdue. 

Cohost and fellow Senior Analyst Charlie Laughlin then ties this to Shopify’s recent rollout of a tool now embedded in each employee’s calendar that measures the actual cost of online meetings. Charlie notes that local veteran David Shim’s Read AI has shipped a Google Chrome extension that does essentially the same thing. If widely adopted this could significantly shake up corporate meeting culture. Will measuring the cost of online meetings become the norm?

Finally, please stick around for our “Who Won the Week” segment that rounds out each episode of This Week in Local. You never know. The hosts might single out your company. Or perhaps even you.

It’s not in every episode that our analysts discuss Hawaiian goat yoga. Or propose the administration of electrical shocks for participants in overlong online meetings (app idea?). So please give this episode a listen.

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