Ep. 33 Explores The Great AI Writer and Assistant Uprising

“AI has become a buzzword. It has become this thing that people are just chasing around.”

In Episode 33,  Co-host Mike Boland and guest co-host Jason Cross bat around two important topics in local. Cross is SVP of Product – Commerce, Presence and WordPress at Newfold Digital.

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First Mike and Jason wonder if Google’s experiments with an AI tool for writing news articles is a net plus for local journalism. 

The two then pivot to examine whether Google’s efforts to revamp its digital assistant with AI spells the beginning of the end for voice assistants like Google’s, not to mention Alexa and Siri.

The two also find time for some discussion beyond digital assistants. This includes how AI is transforming the process of creating new businesses – from choosing a name to finding just the right domain.

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